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Learning to be a great Manager

The Bam Conference team have compiled a summary of spme of the traits to becoming a great Manager in 2024 and beyond.

Be the example

Leading by example is one of the most practiced management styles, but it is not as easy as memorizing some management rules. A manager should have natural leading qualities to be an example for his employees. It is always best to practically show your team that how you want them to act and perform in their daily tasks.

To be a role model for your team, a manager needs to adhere strictly to standards, but it requires extraordinary interpersonal communication skills. The most challenging part is that the manager should form a stronger relationship with his team. There are many established strategies that can help any manager.

• Be willing to listen and solve the problems of your employees
Lead your team with positive behavior
• Solid communication skills are essential to lead your team
Develop a sense of responsibility in your team
• Always be a facilitator for your team and provide them all the necessary resources

Make yourself as transparent as possible

The integrity of the leader is the most important to build trust with the team members of the organization, and your transparency reflects your integrity as a manager. Make yourself accountable in front of the employees, always speak the truth and don’t withhold the important information from them.

Creates a Positive Environment

As a manager, create a positive working environment to motivate your team. To manage your team, the most important thing is to set the right tone at work. You may have heard a famous quote that employees do not leave the job, they leave the manager. Incompetent managers always create a negative work environment, which also affects employee performance. Creating a positive working environment for your team will give you much better results for you and your organization. Manager is responsible for the working environment within the organization and if he is grumpy and negative, then his employees will reach out in the same way. You can maintain the positive environment by following,

Be encouraging and motivational for your employees.
• Always interact with your employees in a positive tone.
• Make sure that you communicate with all of the team members regularly.
• The decisions made by the manager should benefit employees.
It is important to reinforce positive behavior in a genuine manner.

Empower your team

To be successful as a manager, you will have to empower your team. You can help them to grow their knowledge and professional skills through different training courses. Arrange some professional activities in the workplace for the personal development of your employees. If your team members don’t get business career advancement opportunities, they won’t be very positive about working for you.

You need to show your team members that you really want them to move forward in their careers by providing them better learning opportunities. Give your team some space and freedom, and let them contribute in the decision making. When you will let your team manage their workload without unnecessary supervision, they will give you much better results.

• Assign important responsibilities to each team member to achieve the goals you set.
• Give them freedom and a sense of ownership in their job
• Involve employees in decisions making for better results
• Give your team autonomy and avoid micromanaging techniques for them.

Motivational Image Text

Resources of interest:

Rebrand company resources

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Wantedly Team Vision

Team Visionary Codes

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The example resources above are from a very well respected employer in the United States aptly named “Team Visionary”.  They have consistently exceeded what normal employers within the Tech and coding industry achieve in terms of team work.  It is no surprise that they work closing with some of the largest organisations in the world. Team Work makes the Dream work!

A great example of team work can be viewed in the video below:

The Power of Team Work

Build Trust, Not Fear

The key factor to build a healthy and positive workplace is trust, always try to build trust in your team. If you try to handle your team with fear and authority, it will create an atmosphere of fear, which is not good for the growth of the company. A trusted working environment always attracts the best workers in the field.

Nobody wants to work for an organization that doesn’t trust them and tries to control the employees. Workers want autonomy in their workplace and trust is the main prerequisite for it. Workers always run away from those organizations where managers try to use power to control their workers. Building trust with profiles such as the Social MSDN for Team Visions is a useful resource as well as Hackathon for coding teams.

Never try to control your team with strict rules.

• Give them freedom for making critical decisions for you
• A successful manager always wants their employees to respect him, not fear from him.
• Management by Fear is an old strategy and is not successful, so avoid it.

Acknowledge Employees’ Potential

Every employee is different in terms of experience, knowledge, values and cultural background. As a leader, you have to identify the unique characteristics of your employees and always choose the right person for the right job. You need to reward your employees for their good work, which will encourage and motivate them to do better for you. Always acknowledge the team member who does the best job for you; it also shows other employees that hard work is recognized and appreciated here, and encourages other team members to work hard. Talk to your team members about their strengths and weaknesses, and always push them to work to their full potential. It is also advisable to read more about choosing a UK University for some overseas team members to advance their knowledge and skills with.


As a manager, you are responsible for the performance of your team and your organization. You need a better understanding of the organization’s vision and culture. Leadership skills are a prerequisite for a manager and must be learned through practice and hard work. There are many different ways to be an effective leader and a great leader is always able to incorporate different management styles according to the situation. To be an effective manager, you need to treat your employees fairly and honestly, and build strong relationships with your employees.