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Business Careers

A career in the area of business is fast becoming one of the most popular study topics of new students around the United Kingdom as it acts to offer the student a career that can be implemented into many different industry areas.

If you are looking for a career in Banking we highly recommend you consider the Chartered Banker MBA award.

“The Chartered Banker MBA is aimed at senior individuals in banks and other financial services firms, or those seeking to join the industry, who wish to extend their knowledge and understanding and to acquire the skills to cope with the change in the ever-evolving financial services industry”

Chartered Banker

The full address details can be found below or you can visit the Official website here:

Chartered Banker Institute
2nd Floor, Bengal Wing
9A Devonshire Square

Chartered Banker Institute
38B Drumsheugh Gardens,
Edinburgh, EH3 7SW
+44 (0)131 473 7777

There are a wide variety of business courses available in the United Kingdom such as the MSC Finance with each of them offering the student a different insight into all of the variations within the industry. Each of these courses are designed to help students develop their knowledge within the sector and provide them with all the necessary skills that are required to be successful. For the new student it is advised that they must first complete a foundation degree as this will lay the groundwork for all their future studies. In addition other routes of study can be via a Law Scholarships program.

Some of the foundation degrees that are available at the moment within the UK are Business in general which consists of teaching the student the entire necessary curriculum they will need for their later courses.

The next type of foundation course available is the Financial Services degree course which provides students with a unique insight into the workings of many of the countries financial institutions. The student will learn how to develop and use their skills to progress into a fruitful career in the financial services industry. The next foundation course that is available is the leadership and management degree which allows students to learn how to become a competent leader. We also recommend reviewing the British Government website for upto date knowledge within the UK Business Scene.

Business Worker

A recommend resource for learning more about Business skills is the Federation of Small Businesses Skills Hub page.

Other Business Themed Courses

The final foundation degree is the Retail Management where the student will encounter many challenges that generally occur within the industry and teach them how to deal with a variety of situations as well as the basic core skills needed to run a retail outlet. Once the student has completed any of these foundation degrees they will then be ready to move to undertake a undergraduate degree in any of a variety of subjects such as Law Courses and Social Sciences Degrees which lead on from their foundation.

The first of these undergraduate degrees we will look at is the Business Studies degree which has many various pathways included within it such as the following:

1. Accounting pathway

2.Economics pathway

3. Environmental pathway

4. International development pathway

5. Law based pathway

6. Spanish pathway

The course has a three year duration and will require the student to undertake various core modules as well as providing a written dissertation before sitting a final set of exams.

Useful resources can be found on the Law Society – Services website.

The next undergraduate business course we will look at is the Business computing and IT degree which again is of a three year duration and consists of topical modules such as business with software development, business with digital technologies, business with networking, business with solutions development, design with software development, design with digital technologies, design with networking and finally design with solutions development. We recommend looking at our Choosing a UK University page for inspiration on how to evaluate your options with advancing your career in Business.

We recommend our readers take a look at the following video from the Business Analysts at Google – It is a fantastic watch.

The final business course we will look at today is the Leadership and Management degree which again is of a three year duration and provides the student with an innovative structure of modules designed to provide the student with all the necessary skills for a senior role in management. The course includes many complex modules that will ensure the student is fully capable of dealing with management decisions as well as maintaining the high standards required. One of the BAM Conference managers, John Thomas has signed up as an official Mentor with Micromentor.

There are of course many additional courses that are available within the UK for business studies and all of them will provide the student with a variation of topical subjects such as Debt Collecting and many more to complete. Once the student has completed these courses the career possibilities are quite endless as highly skilled individuals are highly sought after within the industry. One such example is the LPA Receiver departments of large collection agencies. There are many additional benefits apart from the obvious job satisfaction such as the financial rewards involved with working for a large corporate company. There will be many avenues open to the successful student so it will require quite a bit of thinking to decide exactly what area of expertise you wish to practice in.